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DIVA recognize that the tourism industry impacts local communities and the environment therefore, as a travel operator, we must manage the impacts we create in the way we operate our business.

To protect human rights within our sphere of influence and ensure that all our people including our staff, travelers, suppliers and local communities as well as other stakeholders who are impacted by our business, are treated with fairness and respect.

To have our trips designed in a way that limits the physical impact on our planet and the places we visit so that they may be enjoyed by many generations to come.

DIVA committed to putting back certain percentage of our revenue in initiatives of upliftment to local communities and regions

We have instituted Scholarship for lesser privileged girls. Who are doing well in school? Their parents were pulling them out due to financial pressures. DIVA has undertaken to pay for their education through school and college. - a small beginning, so much more to do!

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